Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. EAST LA COLLEGE
In this mini project, you are expected to provide a “typed cover sheet” of font size 12 using
“Times New Roman”, containing the course name, project number, your name, date and
your professor’s name using the correct title. The remaining pages must be labeled with the
following three components :
(1) Problem Statement (Must be typed)
(2) Background Information (Must be typed)
(3) Required Work & Solution (Hand-written or typed)
The “Problem Statement” is the given problem provided on the second page, which must be
typed by you rather than performing “cut and paste” from this pdf file.
The “Background Information”, should not focused on the given mini-project problem but it
should be more generalized and applicable to any problem, using your own words. Moreover,
it should explain the method used in solving the problem in a broad perspective and steps
needed to obtain a solution. So it should help someone learning this approach for the first
time, have a basic understanding of the steps needed to solve any problem of that particular
The “Required Work & Solution” must contain all the necessary algebra work (written
neatly and easy to follow) in finding the solution. This mini-project is a representation of
your work and no one else.
This project is worth 30 points and must be submitted electronically to your professor using
Canvas email or ELAC email(, on or before 9:00am on May 28, 2020.
Late submission will not be accepted and receive a grade of 0%. You must submit your mini
project as one pdf file. Once you have electronically submitted your mini-project then your
professor will send you a confirmation email of that receipt within 12 hours. If you don’t
receive a reply from your professor then this means your email was not received and your
advised to submit it using the alternative email (ELAC email or Canvas email).
Moreover, if any background information or required work for the solution is viewed as
similar or identical, then the respective students will receive a 0%, which is considered
cheating. Also copying any work online for the solution is also classified as cheating and
won’t be tolerated. You are allowed to work together but a copy of another student’s work
or online work is not permitted. Your professor isn’t allowed to offer any assistance in this
mini-project nor check your unfinished mini project. Additionally, points will be deducted
for any messy work displaying scratch marks, and the like, or work that isn’t legible (such
as small script) or misspelled words or submission of your mini-project using a file that isn’t
classified as a pdf file or submitting more than one file.
Below you will find the problem for this mini project. Good luck !
Mini-Project 3
Let A be the n × n matrix as listed below
A =

1 1 1 . . . 1
1 3 3 . . . 3
1 3 6 . . . 6
1 3 6 . . . 3(n − 1)

(a) Use the appropriate row replacement operations to zero out the first pivot then use
the appropriate row replacement operations to zero out the second pivot column.
(b) Observe the resulting matrix from (a) is a block matrix of the form :
A =

0 Z
State your resulting matrix for X, Y and Z.
(c) Based on your result from (b), give a detailed set of steps to find det(Z).

HINT: Take out a scaling factor for Z first then find det(Z).

Mathematics homework help


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