me English homework help

me English homework help.

Now that we’ve identified the components of argument, we’ll continue looking at both rhetorical choices as writers, and how to examine and unpack assumptions and warrants using the Toulmin method of analysis. Last week we argued both sides of an argument in order to fully understand opposing points of view. Now we will choose one side to argue, while acknowledging the other point of view in a fully fledged argument essay,
** Be sure to use Word documents; do not use “Pages” files or Google docs. 
Download the Taking a Stand Essay Rubric
Actions to better understand how the essay is evaluated.
Take a look at the checklist on p. 92. The Taking a Stand Essay is derived from the Arguing Both Sides exercise. For that one, you only needed to provide a few organized paragraphs presenting BOTH sides of an issue. Now you will argue for ONE side while effectively acknowledging the other side using the language of concession and refutation.

  • In addition, as it says on p. 92, to complete the assignment, include the following information at the TOP OF YOUR essay above your name:

(a) Your issue, question at issue, and thesis
(b) Your principal argument set out in a standard form (see Chapter 3)
Essay Guidelines:

  • Proper MLA formatting of the essay (name, etc, double-spaced, etc)
  • Informative Title that Hints at the Thesis – not bold or big, capitalized correctly
  • Opening Hook to Engage the reader
  • Background info and intro to lead the reader to the thesis
  • Clear strong thesis that will be the single controlling idea of the paper
  • A number of body paragraphs that have appropriate and controlling topic sentences, development, and transitions with correct in-text citations if sources are used.
  • Some type of acknowledgement of the opposing points of view; either in one Rogerian type paragraph, or placed in each paragraph in response to a claim.
  • A conclusion that revisits the thesis while wrapping up the paper without introducing new topics.
  • MLA properly formatted Works Cited List if using any source.

Although sources are not required for this essay, if you choose to include information or ideas of others which need a source as evidence, you may use no more than THREE SOURCES, and they must be cited correctly, both in-text and on a correct MLA Works Cited List to avoid plagiarism. Refer to the Documentation  (Links to an external site.)page on my website.  (Links to an external site.)
Note: Final essay grades are final; the essay you submit is not a draft, so you are graded by your final draft.
ALL essays required for course credit.

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me English homework help


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