me Nursing homework help

me Nursing homework help.

Topic 1 DQ 1

Based on the PICOT you developed for NUR-550, summarize the change initiative you will be proposing. How does this support the population of focus, your setting, and role? Justify how the problem you selected to investigate is amenable to a research-based intervention using the PICOT format. Topic 1 DQ 2
Discuss the role of EBP in your specialty area of practice. Compare and contrast the role and implementation of EBP in your specialty with another advanced registered nurse specialty.
Potential Solution and PICOT Statement (Vaping in teenagers) 
Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling aerosol which is produced by e-cigarettes or similar devices. Vaping has gained popularity in US especially in young adults. The e- liquid vaporizer contains a vegetable glycerin based liquid with nicotine, flavoring other chemicals and metals but not tobacco. The newest vaping product JUUL contains high dose of nicotine (one pod contain same amount of nicotine as a whole pack) and is highly popular among high school student (Fp-Admin, 2018). Vaping causes serious lung tissue injuries and even death.
Interventions and comparisons
Tobacco prevention toolkit for students- This toolkit provide the basic information about vapes, e-cigarettes, information and resource on nicotine addiction (O’Conner, Pelletier, Bayoumy, & Schwartz, 2019)· Catch my Breath Youth E- cigarette Prevention Program-This program offers in class activities, teacher education, online resources for students , teachers and parents(O’Conner et al,2019)· Another intervention is to ban the use of cigarettes and e- cigarettes in schools.· Education and training targeted to school authorities
Outcome and Time
Reports says at least one death and hundreds of hospitalization is linked to Vaping, with adequate education and awareness of the students we can Decrease the rate the vaping users. Enforcing laws to prevent vaping and use of e- cigarettes will bring an end to the vaping and thereby we can have a healthy generation.
DQ questions ,250 words with references and citation Due date May 15th

me Nursing homework help


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