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Lymphatic System Disorders and Peripheral Vascular Disorders.
Find a research article related to one of the following topics:
1- Neoplastic blood disorders (Exp: Leukemia or Polycythemia)
2- Lymphatic disorders ( Exp: Lymphomas, Lymphedema, or Castleman disease)
Once you have introduced your topic, please use the following ten questions to critique your research article. The ten questions need to be incorporated into the discussion and presented in APA format following the introduction of your article. The last paragraph should be a conclusion tying all the content together. This discussion post will be longer than most discussion posts, so please make sure that you are answering all the questions and providing the information that is required. Please review the rubric as well (see attachment).
Article Critique Criteria:
1. Author, Year, Title, Journal
2. Purpose of the article: research, theoretical, program implementation
3. From what discipline was the literature review drawn?
4. What were the gaps, issues, purposes identified from the synthesis of the literature?
5. What design and methods were used for the purpose of the project?
6. Were the sample, size, and setting (or choice of articles) adequate for the project?
7. What were the findings and conclusions?
8. What are the implications for future research?
9. How could the information in this article be applied to advanced nursing practice?
10. Would you recommend this article to others as an example to add to the understanding of this information?
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