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Title page must include the name of the research paper, the University name, the class name or number, your name, the date of your work and the Professor’s name.
The second page must be an abstract and of course you must have a detailed references page.
Integrated Operations can have various meanings in the field of emergency management. develop a research paper using APA format to describe how you, as the Director of Emergency Management of a medium-sized city (50,000 pop.) would strive to use integrate operations with your department and other agencies (public and private) before, during, and after the landfall of a Category 3 hurricane, a blizzard, or a major event such as a Political National Convention.
Use as subheadings the four-step process of EM: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Obviously, your introduction should specify the disaster events in a time line describing when it formed and the projections of the event.
The conclusion should not paint a rosy picture of cooperation, but should point out potential weaknesses in your mythical community and its hurricane emergency plan. You may include diagrams, pictures, charts etc to help you present your point of view.


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