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Submission Deadline Marks and Feedback
Before 6pm on:
15 working days after deadline (All Levels)
Module title & code English for General Reading and Writing (EGRW)  OMG 14-0
Assignment number and title Assessment -2,  End of Semester
Assessment type Assignment
Weighting of assessment 50%
Module learning outcomes 1. To understand the basic and supporting information and structural aspects of different types of written texts on the basis of their linguistic elements, structure and purpose.
2.  Demonstrate the ability to use linguistic elements such as appropriate words, phrases and linkers to construct different types of short written texts using the basic information, supporting information, situation and purpose.
What am I required to do in this assignment?
JSR Answer all the tasks as per the instruction given
Section 1: Creative writing 
a.      Use the following points as a tool to plan and draft a story. (10 marks)
1. Title of the story –
2. Characters in the story -.
3. Setting –
4. Beginning of the story –
5. Important dialogues –
6. Problems/complication in the story –
7. Solution to the problems in the story –
8. Unexpected incident/ event –
9. Ending of the story –
10. Moral of the story –
b. Narrate the story in 250 words using the drafted points. (20 marks)
To complete this task organize the drafted points to narrate an interesting story in 4 paragraphs. These 4 paragraphs should include an introduction, 2 body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.
Section 2: Personal essay writing (20 marks)
Describe your personal experience of travelling to a place in Oman or outside the country  in 250 words.
Write this personal essay in 4 paragraphs with an introduction, 2 paragraphs of body and a conclusion. You may include points like describing the place, your personal experience and some suggestions through your experience.
The final version of the assessment must be submitted online via MOVE.
At the time of submission, you need to make sure that the assignment is your own.
Is there a word limit (Number of Words ± 10%)?
Section 1: Creative writing -250 words (+/- 10%)
Section 2: Personal essay writing – 250 words (+/- 10%)
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations)
In order to pass, you need to:
·         Demonstrate the bility to use appropriate words, phrases and linkers to develop a free flow of thought in the written work.
·         Show the skills of narrating a story and writing a personal experience on your own.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a higher grade?
You need to do the following to produce high quality work that merits a higher grade:
·         Follow the structure of the writing skills taught in the class for both the questions.
·         Language should be accurate and free from grammatical errors.
·          Organise the information and write clearly in appropriate writing style.
·         Since it is writing on personal experience and creative writing there should be no similarity percentage, except for quotation if you use in the introduction of personal writing.
How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment relates to different types o f writing skills taught in the scheduled sessions.  Both creative writing and personal writing are well elaborated with examples in the class.


How will my assignment be marked?
Your assignment be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.
You can use them to evaluate your own work and estimate your grade before you submit.
No Criterion Weighing (%) Sub Standard / No Attempt
(0 Marks)
(20 Marks)
(40 Marks)
(50 Marks)
Very Good
(60 Marks)
(70 Marks)
(100 Marks)
1 Information 20 Unfocused topic; Most of the details are
so story is meaningless
very difficult to follow, very
confusing; no flow.
Inadequate and unsatisfactory understanding of the topic. There is lack of focus to make the work interesting and unsuccessful completion of tasks.
There is an attempt to address some tasks but lack proper focus in narrating details. Few missing  parts
interfere with the
understanding. Few or no use of transition
Good attempt to address the tasks but one or two points lacks focus or clarity. Good understanding of the topic but it should have been more focused. Very good usage of variety information but it can be better if it relates to the context. All tasks are discussed properly. Very good understanding of the topic and is evident in the completion of the task.
Excellent understanding of the topics. Well  focused on both the topics with
narrative details that support
a fairly logical flow of
events; uses transition
Exceptional use of a wide range of appropriate information.
Has a clear focus with story and personal experience.
Details support
creative, and makes the work interesting with logical
flow of events/uses transition
words effectively.
2 Originality 20 Unclear, unorganised thoughts,
Lacks logical flow of ideas. Fully copied chunks from the some reading article
No effort made to provide a logical and original argument.
-Mostly copied from the reading article
Some personal efforts to support key claims. -Little effort to offer alternative views with logic and evidence Good evidence clear
And smooth
flow of thought with good reasoning.
clear manifestation of personal opinion, innovative and novel thought with reason provided Excellent idea and approach of the final outcome.
-Excellent presentation of language thoughts.
outstanding and unique presentation of the final outcome.
-Originality in terms of language and ideas are unique and outstanding.
3 Structure 20 Lack of statement of objective,  introduction, development and conclusion – Lack of paragraph structure. The assignment is unacceptable.
Unsatisfactory  statement of objective,  introduction, development and conclusion. Unsatisfactory  paragraph structure and lacks clarity of expression.
Statement of objective,  introduction, development, conclusion and  paragraph structure are satisfactory. Some ideas are  unorganized, and lacks clarity in written expression. It impairs its capacity to communicate the content.
Good statement of objective- Good introduction, development and conclusion – Good paragraph structure. Statement of objective, and introduction, development and conclusion are very good. Well structured and well organized work. There is orderliness in the structure that communicates its messages  clearly. Coherence is also evident but there is still scope for improvement.
Statement of objective, introduction, development and conclusion are all excellent- Paragraph structure and ideas are well organized with a cohesive discussion. The structure of the essay is excellent and has included all the relevant points.
Outstanding statement of objective- Outstanding introduction, development and conclusion. The structure is exemplary and includes all the points relevant to address the questions Overall organisation of information is exceptional.
4 Language 30 No evidence of  possession of vocabulary,  use of cohesive devices,  use of terminology  and  has many grammatical errors.
Unsatisfactory  possession of vocabulary – Unsatisfactory  use and range of cohesive devices -Unsatisfactory  use of terminology -Unsatisfactory  academic style and accuracy
Satisfactory  possession of vocabulary,  use of a range of cohesive devices,  use of terminology- Satisfactory  academic style and good accuracy.
Good possession of vocabulary – Good use and range of cohesive devices – Good accuracy in the use of language.
Very good possession of vocabulary, use of a range of cohesive devices -very good use of terminology.
Excellent possession of vocabulary – Excellent use of a range of cohesive devices and accuracy. No grammatical or writing errors.
Outstanding possession of vocabulary, use of a range of cohesive devices and  accuracy. Work is free of grammar or writing errors.
5 Drafted points 10 Irrelevant ideas and lacks focus. Lack of understanding the topic. The drafted points does not make any sense . Common ideas are drafted to include in the story. Good points but not expressed well. Very good ideas but few points lack clarity. Excellent ideas, apt for the points to develop into a story. Outstanding points drafted for developing an interesting  story


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