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Nursing homework help. Assignment: Reflection on the movie ”Juno”
”Juno” the 2008 Oscar winner for best original screenplay is a film about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and decides to give her baby up for adoption. After viewing the movie please complete this assignment. You may answer these questions on this document using a different font.

  1. At the start of the movie did you feel that Juno’s discovery and initial reaction to her unplanned pregnancy was depicted realistically?


  1. When Juno informs her friend Beeker that she is pregnant what did you think of his reaction to her pregnancy?


  1. How did you view the depiction of Juno’s visit to the abortion clinic?


  1. As Juno told her father and step-mother about the pregnancy what came to mind when you hear their reaction?


  1. Do you feel Juno’s parents were supportive of her initially and then throughout the pregnancy”


  1. Juno and her friend search through advertisements in local publications to pick parents for her unborn child. Do you think that Juno’s choice of parents was drawn from an idealized teenager’s view of what model parents are?


  1. What is your reaction to the film’s treatment of the adoption issue?


  1. How did you feel about the way Juno’s classmates treated her when her pregnancy became apparent?


  1. How do you think you would be of support to a woman or couple in labor who planned to give their baby up for adoption after viewing Juno and Beeker’s behavior in the hospital post-delivery?


  1. What do you think contributes to “sexually active” adolescents and unplanned pregnancies?
  2. Aside from providing sex education in schools are there any ways you can see nurses making an impact on teen girls to postpone pregnancy until they have completed schooling and met personal career goals?
  3. What impact has viewing “Juno” had on you and your attitude toward “unwanted” pregnancies?
  4. Visit the Teen Pregnancy Home Reproductive Health and answer the following question. › teenpregnancy
What thoughts can you share on the “Teens”, “Parent Resources” and “Healthcare Provider Resources” available on the CDC Teen Pregnancy Homepage.

Nursing homework help


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