Nursing homework help

need help with 8 reports to do.
1-Oral medicine: sickle cell anemia
A) to clarify clinical features , diagnosis and dental management of patients with leukemia
2- endo: cause of endodontic failure:
A) preoperative causes
B)intraoperative causes
C)postoperative causes
3- fixed: failure in fixed prosthodontics;
A) identify the mechanical failure ( fracture, chipping of ceramics)
B) identify the chemical failure
C) identify the esthetic failure
D) identify the periodontal failure
E) identify the proper line of treatment
4- operative: materials and techniques of relatability of indirect esthetic restoration:
A) materials and techniques used for repair of indirect esthetic restorations and their limitations
5- perio: minimally invasive techniques for treatment of gingival recession:
A) rational behind the minimally invasive concept
B) describe the techniques
C) evidence related to theses techniques in comparison to the conventional flaps
6-research: critical appraisal tools and gate frame:
A) define critical appraisal
B) identify the different tools used for critical appraisal
C) describe the GATE frame and RamboMan
7- radiology: cone beam computed tomography (cbct):
A) basic principle and image formatting
B) advantage and limitations
8 – self management: stress management:
A) types of stress ( negative stress , positivity stress) , types of stressors ( external, internal), symptoms of stress, stress related illnesses
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