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Read Chapter on Davis PlusDiscussion of Triaxial of action: Policy, Politics,and Nursing
1- What is Policy?
2- Explain each of them:  Public policy—
Private policy—
Health policy—
Social policy—
Organizational policy?
3- Who was F
lorence Nightingale, and what was her contribution to the Nursing Field?
4- Who was Lillian Wald?
5- Who was Margaret Sanger, and in what way she helped to the developments of Nursing Field?
6_ what is  (ICN), and what they do?
7- What is s (NLCA) and they do?
Jeanne Blum, RN, is a nurse on a LDRP unit. Recently, the policy and
procedures manual for Jeanne’s unit included the premature rupturing of membranes of a laboring patient
as a practice acceptable for nurses to perform. Jeanne
and some of her coworkers shared their concern over
lunch about this new responsibility.They felt uncomfortable with the possibility of cord prolapse and
other potential medical complications resulting from
this practice. Jeanne gathered data from her state and
many others states and noted that her hospital was
not in compliance with her professional organization
practice standards. Jeanne shared this information with her coworkers. She volunteered to contact the
state board of nursing on their behalf to request a
declaratory statement on the nurse’s role in the initiation of premature rupturing of uterine membranes.
Her state board’s clinical practice committee
reviewed her request for a declaratory statement and
gathered information from other states. A formal
declaratory statement was drafted by the board and
made it available on its Web site. A letter from the
board was sent to Jeanne’s institution, informing it of
the declaratory statement, which stated that the task
nurses were requested to perform was beyond their
scope of practice based on the Nurse Practice Act.
8-Which stage of the policy model does this scenario
represent?  ■Discussion of Triaxial of Action: Policy,Politics, and Nursin


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