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Social Psychology
For this assignment you will create a two-sided tri-fold brochure using the Word brochure template or Canva. You will create 6 panels. This brochure will be for used in a psychologist’s office to share information about social psychology, personality study and the sense of self.
Back left panel (cover for trifold):

  • Title for Brochure & Image

Inside 3 panels:

  • Explain the main applications of social psychology
  • 2 & 3 The theories of personality study (Include image and color where appropriate-Images should add value to the brochure).

Back Center Panel:

  • Personality & the Sense of Self

Back Right Panel:

  • Types of Psychologists that would provide
  • Therapy/services for social & personality psychology
  • APA references

Assignment Expectations:
Length: Trifold brochure front & back, 6 panels
Back left panel-   Title for brochure & image
Inside 3 panels-   Explain the main applications of social psychology
Explain the theories of personality study
Include image and color where appropriate- Images
should add value to the brochure
Back center panel- Personality & Sense of self
Back right panel- Types of psychologists that would provide
therapy/services for social and personality
psychology and APA References
References: Use the appropriate APA style, in-text citations, and references, for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least (3) scholarly citations to support your information.


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