Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Paper required
• Introduce your Company– who they are what they do; products and services; location of HQ, subsidiaries, countries, number of employees, revenue, net income, stock price, typical customer base & geographical reach etc. This is the first section from your Integrated paper brief. Every ‘imported information’ needs citation support
• Read: Chapters 10, 11 & 12 – critical to your paper analysis
• This is an assignment on system integration to allow for smooth operations within.
o Detail, discuss and analyze how your selected company uses an ERP system (Refer to Fig. 12.1; 12.2; 12.3; 12.4) and also its sub systems – SCM(suppliers & distributors – Fig. 10.1; 10.2; 10.3; 10.4) & CRM (customers – Fig. 11.3; 11.4; 11.7)
o How do these systems support their strategic initiatives while providing value processes that create a competitive advantage?
 See the following news article: How FedEx uses ERP
 Cnet (2002) FedEx sees a Corporate Future Retrieved from https://www.cnet.com/news/fedex-sees-a-corporate-future/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
o Elaborate on possible challenges and risks associated with using integrated software?
• Present detail logically, ensuring that your perspective is supported by learned concepts – e.g. before you get into ERP discussion, present your own perspective on what you believe is the concept.
• I will need to see each section authored
• Always have a cover pagewith your names and Assignment
• Cite your sourcesAPA format- in text and end of paper.
3 page
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Operations Management homework help


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