Operations Management homework help

Question 1
Your company has been holding annual Christmas parties for more than 20 years. Some concern has been raised by executive management about these parties damaging the reputation of the company. An all adult party, the conduct of the employees has become out of control. With this change in policy, all employees will get their usual annual Christmas bonus plus a gift basket from the company. Instead of a Christmas party, it has been suggested that the company hold a summer picnic open to the employees and their families at a local adventure park. All-day passes to the adventure park and all that it offers will be given to each employee for the whole family. A potluck picnic will be held, with the company providing all the meat and drinks. Employees and their families will have the opportunity to participate in games with generous prizes. It is November and the time that the party planners start their planning process. How would you propose the company communicate these policy changes to the employees? What form of media would you use—snail mail, interoffice memo, email, or a presentation to the employees? How would you word the communication to employees?
Question 2
Explore and choose foreign countries and markets. Recommend the introduction of product or service overseas. Explain what entry strategy you would choose and explain your rationale based on the characteristics (i.e. political, economic, legal, and cultural) of the country and risks (e.g., intellectual property).


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