Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Assignment 4.1
Special Occasion Speech Outline
o Topic A: Who Inspires You?
1)Deliver a speech of introduction in which you introduce a person who inspires you
2) Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word.
2) Download the Microsoft Word template in the “Assignment 4.1”
Sample Outline:
By Student Smith
Instructor Name
Today’s Date
*Please note that the purpose of this template is to assist you with correctly formatting an outline. This sample outline is not on an approved topic, and the thesis statement, main points, and supporting details should not be used in your outline. Please carefully review the Assignment Overview document (located in assignment link) for the approved topics. Also, your outline should not include complete paragraphs, entire speech, or an essay. *
Topic: Insert topic here.


                        Capture your audience’s attention with a quote, anecdote, or personal experience

                        Build up to the main reason for the speech

                        Summarize the main idea and briefly state the main points

                                                Working with Microsoft Word

                                                Creating a Presentation

                                                Building on Previous Work

                        First Main Point: Working with Microsoft Word

                        Move an outline numbered item to the appropriate numbering level

                        Help plan speech and organize thoughts

               Second Main Point: Creating a Presentation

                        Creating a presentation from a Word outline

                                                Uses the heading styles

                                                                        Heading styles are applied when you use numbered outlines

(1)   Each paragraph formatted with the Heading 1 style becomes a new slide, each Heading 2 becomes the first level of text, and so on.


                                                Open the document and use it to create a presentation

                                                Open the File menu

                        Main Point 3: Building on previous work

                        Use heading styles to create longer documents

                        To learn more about Outline view, review Microsoft Word Help


                        Restate your main points

                                                Working with Microsoft Word

                                                Creating a Presentation

                                                Building on Previous Work

                        Summarize the presented ideas

                        Restate introduction or conclude with a compelling remark


Operations Management homework help


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