Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Here’s an interesting way to remove duplicates from an array. The insertion sortuses a loop-within-a-loop algorithm that compares every item in the array withevery other item. If you want to remove duplicates, this is one way to start.(See also Exercise 2.6 in Chapter 2.) Modify the insertionSort() method in program so that it removes duplicates as it sorts. Here’s oneapproach: When a duplicate is found, write over one of the duplicated itemswith a key value less than any normally used (such as –1, if all the normal keysare positive). Then the normal insertion sort algorithm, treating this new keylike any other item, will put it at index 0. From now on the algorithm canignore this item. The next duplicate will go at index 1, and so on. When thesort is finished, all the removed dups (now represented by –1 values) will befound at the beginning of the array. The array can then be resized and shifteddown so it starts at 0.

Philosophy homework help


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