Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. All too often, online learning gets into the habit of not allowing students the space to review what they know and ask about what they don’t know. This week, as we complete the first major writing assignment of the course, we thought it would be a good idea to take some time to afford you that opportunity.For discussion this week, start by constructing a 75-150 word response detailing your experience so far in the course. This can be in essay format or a detailed list, but be as specific as possible. Think back to the chapters we have read so far: Writing with Purpose, Expository Writing, Making a Plan, Comparing and Contrasting, and Writing Elements. Also, consider what you have learned through each of our lectures. What new ideas have you added to your writer’s toolbox? What questions do you have regarding any topics that have been covered or any topics we have not covered? What questions do you have for the instructor? What things have you found that work for you that may benefit your classmates?Remember, we are all working through this class at different writing skill levels. We are all here to learn. Some of you will be more advanced writers than others; some of you find yourself struggling to keep up. We are all in this class together, so working together is essential. Keep your criticisms constructive. Keep your mind open to new ideas no matter where they come from. Most of all, enjoy the conversation.

Philosophy homework help


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