Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Respond to each item below in 2–3 paragraphs. Use Learning Resources,

  • Please copy and number each question. Put your answer below each question.

First:  Euthanasia / ASAP

  • What is the argument from nature against euthanasia? What role does religion play in this argument? How might a supporter of euthanasia respond?
  • In the argument from practical effects, the author makes points concerning both (1) effects on the medical profession and (2) a slippery slope from voluntary to involuntary euthanasia. Explain.
  • What is the pure utilitarian version of the argument from mercy? What are its strengths and limitations?
  • What is the modified utilitarian version of the argument from mercy? How does it avoid the flaws of the pure version?

Second: Utilitarianism and World Poverty / Due May 23

  • Poverty leads to other issues on the world stage, like crime. Do these associated effects increase the obligation of the wealthy to give to extreme poverty relief? Identify other associated effects of extreme poverty.
  • What is the social contract theorist’s position on the idea that we have a duty to give extensiveaid to strangers? Why? What is the utilitarian’s position? Why?
  • One common critique of utilitarianism is that it is too demanding—that it asks too much of us. What solution does Singer offer to this critique? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Third: Animal Welfare and Treatment / Due May 30

  • Can the moral principle of equality be based on the factual equality of all human beings? Explain. What implications does this have for the equality of animals?
  • Why does Singer believe that animals merit moral equality? That is, what morally significant capacity do animals have that they share with humans? Do you agree with Singer? Why?
  • Consider Fred’s reason for torturing puppies in Chapter 16? How does Norcross argue that what Fred does is morally equivalent to what we do when we eat meat? Do you agree? Why?
  • How does Norcross respond to the objection that one is not obliged to give up eating meat since it would not reduce the number of animals killed? Do you agree with Norcross? Why?

Forth: Environmental Land Ethics / Jun 6

  • Explain the ethical sequence discussed in Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic.”
  • What is the community concept and how does Leopold think it will influence how we tell history?
  • Leopold talks about an ecological conscience. What is it and how do farmers show they lack it?
  • Why is the purely economic approach to conservation doomed to failure according to Leopold? With what should it be replaced and why?

Last Part: / Jun 13
you will write a 4- to 6-page paper in which you argue for your philosophical views on two of the topics we’ve covered so far.
Your paper should have three sections of approximately equal length as outlined below.
In writing this paper, you must make reference to the arguments and positions we have studied.

  • For section 1, you should argue for a position on one of the topics we’ve discussed. Make sure that you consult most if not all of the additional resources listed for that topic. (Do not use any outside resources.)
  • For section 2, you should argue for a position on another of the topics we’ve discussed. Make sure that you consult most if not all of the additional resources listed. (Do not use any outside resources.)
  • For section 3, you should reflect on the arguments above and your work in this course, and try to explain your own moral philosophy.
    • When you try to figure out whether something is moral or immoral, how do you do it? Do you give heavy weight to your religious traditions or to the opinions of your culture or to those of contemporary U.S. society? Do you pay more attention to inviolable principles or to consequences? (That is, are you more a utilitarian or Kantian?)
  • Finally, how do you think this course has affected (if at all) your moral philosophy?


Philosophy homework help


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