Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Report #3: Representation in the U.S. House
You are to write a brief report on a current member of the U.S. House of Representatives that I will randomly assign to you. A list of assignments for each student will appear in this week’s block by the fourth week of classes.
Assigned to write a brief report on (MIKE ROGERS U.S. House Alabama District 3)
Before beginning this assignment, make certain that you have read Chapter 11 in your text (“Congress”). The only source you will need for writing the report is the Project Vote Smart web site that can be accessed here: Project Vote Smart
Using the tabs at the top of the website, locate the information needed for answering the questions below. The report should contain three separate sections that address all the points in each question. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

  1. Provide basic biographical information about the member. What is their current or past occupation, education level, party affiliation, past political experiences, leadership positions held, etc.? This information can be found under the “Bio” tab. (approximately 200-250 words)
  2. Characterize the member’s typical roll call voting patterns based on their votes on specific issues and rating scores compiled by interest groups (found under “Votes” and “Ratings” tabs). Would you describe the member’s voting as mostly conservative, mostly liberal, or somewhere in between? Cite examples to justify your characterization. (approximately 200- 250 words)
  3. Where does the member receive the bulk of his or her campaign contributions (found under “Funding” tab)? What industries or professions provide a significant portion of the member’s campaign funds? Provide examples. (approximately 100-150 words)

Be careful not to plagiarize. If you want to quote from the Vote Smart website, do so using quotation marks and indicate where the quote is found. But try to do this sparingly and simply use your own words in addressing the questions.
In your writing, use an analytical tone that is free of your personal opinions. In other words, try to answer the questions in a straightforward and objective manner.
Link: Project Vote Smart
PLEASE NOTE: When using the Project Vote Smart web site you may be asked to make a financial contribution to their organization. It is not necessary to make a contribution in order to use their web site.

Political Science homework help


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