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DB Topic of Discussion: Information-related Capabilities

Analyze two of the 14 information-related capabilities (see below) and explain how the joint force can use these capabilities to affect the three dimensions of the information environment (see below).
Give examples of real-world or life events for the capabilities and how one can use these concepts as a CSM/SGM.
Instructions: Post a substantial initial response from 3 cited sources, with 2 of them coming from the ones provided below and a minimum of 400 words, to the topic above.  Identify references following the post using APA format.

14 Information-related capabilities:


  1. strategic communication
  2. joint interagency coordination group
  3. public affairs
  4. civil-military operations
  5. cyberspace operations
  6. information assurance
  7. space operations
  8. military information support operations
  9. intelligence
  10. military deception
  11. operations security
  12. special technical operations
  13. joint electromagnetic spectrum operations
  14. key leader engagement


3 Dimensions of the Information Environment:


  1. physical dimension
  2. informational dimension
  3. cognitive dimension

Note 2: Please use rubric as a guide to meet the criteria for the paper
Department of Defense. (2014). Information Operations (JP 3-13). Retrieved from https://www.jcs.mil/Portals/36/Documents/Doctrine/pubs/jp3_13.pdf
Department of the Army. (2018). The Conduct of Information Operations (ATP 3-13.1). Retrieved from https://armypubs.army.mil
Department of Defense. (2017). Joint Operations (JP 3-0). Retrieved from https://www.jcs.mil/Portals/36/Documents/Doctrine/pubs/jp3_0ch1.pdf?ver=2018-11-27-160457-910

Political Science homework help


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