Political Science homework help

(Append this part of the paper to combined part 1&2 document and submit altogether.)
This is the third part of the Policy Analysis Paper. There are two steps involved:
Step 1: Choose the evaluative criteria (at least 4), consider the following questions from our textbook:

  • How should we choose the proper policy action(s)?
  • On what basis should we make our choice?
  • What is an alternative likely to cost?
  • Will the proposal be politically feasible?

Step 2: Evaluate the three policy alternatives based on the selected evaluative criteria, consider the following questions from our textbook

  • Which alternative is likely to be most effective?
  • Which combination of policies might work well together?
  • What will the impact be on the problem of each course of action?
  • Is the evidence available?

This part of the paper should not be more than 5 pages long, 1.5 space.
Please provide references for any information, data or arguments you use to establish the problem. Use APA referencing style (available in the “Start Here” module).

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