Political Science homework help

The critical analysis questions are designed to stimulate thought, clarify concepts, explore course materials in detail, and to examine the course concepts from a new or different perspective.
Responses should be 500-800 words in total.


  1. What theoretical and analytical elements does Silvia Federici say are missing from the writings of Marx?
  2. In what ways does Federici say that women’s bodies were part of primitive accumulation in the transition from feudalism to capitalism, and how does this tie into what she refers to as a “sexual division of labor”? What is this sexual division of labor?
  3. What was the Combahee River Collective, and how did it challenge traditional (Marxist) class-based analyses of power?
  4. In what ways can the notion of “interlocking oppression” highlighted by the Combahee River Collective be used to complicate Federici’s discussion of women and the sexual division and feminization of labor?


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