Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling Final Presentation
This final presentation will describe and integrate your theoretical orientation to this point in your professional development. The presentation will reflect your critical thinking about 3 theories and how you choose to integrate them. Discuss your chosen theories using your own words and your own understanding. Talk about how this theory (your integration) fit with your philosophy of life, people, how people get “stuck,” change and grow. This presentation should reflect your synthesis of theoretical concepts with your own personality and philosophy, and reflect your own evolving approach to counseling. This presentation does not represent a final decision about your theoretical orientation. Rather, it is the first step in the development of your own emerging theoretical orientation which will continue to develop throughout your graduate work and professional life.
Discuss the following:

  1. Personal Philosophy-(10 pts)-your own philosophy about life, people, personality, pathology and change.

Then describe your chosen integration of theories in terms of the components below and discuss throughout how your personal philosophy fits with these components.

  1. Human Nature-(16 points) Assumptions about human nature. This should include the theoretical views on how personality and psychopathology develop;
  2. The Change Process-(16 pts) Theoretical goals of counseling and how clients change;
  3. Counselor role in therapy-(20 pts) Role of the counselor and your reflections on how you would feel being in that role;
  4. Therapeutic Approach-(20 pts) Techniques, methods, interventions, and strategies used in your burgeoning theory;
  5. Application-(20pts) Address the application of your burgeoning theory in your desired work setting or desired population/demographic
  6. Research-(20 pts) Incorporate scholarly, peer reviewed journals, original authors or texts that support components of your theoretical position (cite studies that support the effectiveness of a theoretically grounded intervention you might use in your work setting (or desired work setting or population);
  7. Multicultural Implications-(20 pts) Discuss the implications/considerations for use with multicultural and diverse populations in your desired work setting;
  8. Limitations-(15 pts) Describe limitations and criticisms of your theoretical approach.
  9. Presentation- (38 pts) You will be graded on content, rationale and organization. Be prepared to answer questions. References are required within the presentation (on slides in APA style) and on your last slide.

Psychology homework help


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