Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.

Read the powerpoints and article, and answer the question.
Please don’t use any outside sources, everything based on the documents I uploaded.
For topic of Obesity:
-Contrast the prevalence of obesity and eating disorders. How is the etiology of eating disorders and obesity-related?
– What is BMI?
–  Why doesn’t homeostasis prevent humans from becoming obese? I recommend you are very specific in your response, identifying and describing at least two important factors/concepts.
– What did you learn from the Hall et al., 2019 clinical inpatient study comparing unprocessed and ultra-processed foods?
Malik reading
-What does “positive energy balance” mean? How does globalization contribute to this?
– Note interventions to curb obesity. Describe one potential policy implementation identified by the reading. Is it successful? What are the barriers?
For topic of Food Reward:
– What is the American Heart Association daily allowance for added sugars?
– Describe the positive incentive perspective
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Psychology homework help


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