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Reading homework help. 2020/5/18 Modify Your Words! 1/2
Modify Your Words!
Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 20 Submitting a text entry box
Available May 12 at 12am – May 22 at 11:59pm 11 days
Submit Assignment
This is due on a Friday, not Monday. It’s also a group assignment. This is so that you have enough time to
meet as a group and discuss what you’d like to do. You can meet in the “discussions” tab under your group
to discuss the content and arrive at a solution. This is the place to upload your final answers.
In this assignment, you will modify the words you created. I didn’t give you many guidelines (on purpose),
but in the third classlang meeting we arrived at a final inventory.
I’ve updated the inventory list to reflect this (look for the one on May 8th). Now, you’ll only see the possible
consonants and possible vowels for each of our languages. You can see all of this here:
On that sheet, I’ve also written down the valid syllable structures and onsets and codas from the discussion.
Your task in this assignment is to AS A GROUP make the words you submitted align with these new
inventory and phonotactic restrictions. Your group has a specific set of words it must come up with. You can
find those words under the “groups 05.12.20” tab of our vocabulary sheet:
If you look for your name, you’ll see a group number (which should match the group I’ve added you too),
and then 2-3 words of English. These are the words that the group members signed up for in the previous
assignment, and you will be modifying your original submissions to comply with our new inventory and
phonotactics. Since there are more people involved, feel free to come up with something new together. Just
make sure that what you submit complies with our current inventory and phonotactics.
2020/5/18 Modify Your Words! 2/2
Submission Instructions
1) Your submission should be a simple text response. I would find a place to work on it together (like a
google doc) and then copy it in here when you are done. Please don’t paste links. It’s tricky sometimes for
us to access them.
2) For each word assigned to your group, you should answer the following questions
A. What were the old forms submitted by members of the group (there may be 1 or 2 of these)?
B. What is the one NEW form you are submitting now?
C. How does the new form comply with our current restrictions? Please describe in detail. Something
like “We used only correct sounds and syllables” doesn’t cut it.
D. Why did the group end up on this new form? For some of you, there will be some cases where there
were two words created by members of the group. In that case, you should explain how you settled on one
form vs. another (or neither!). And then there are new group members who might weigh in. In thinking about
these, please keep in mind the intentions we set for ourselves in the Running Notes.
You need to have a separate paragraph for each word. Be clear and precise throughout.
Finally, at the bottom of your group response, please give your English words and their Jellylang translations
according to the following format, which will be useful for automatic extraction.
ENGLISH1: tree
JELLY1: gug
ENGLISH2: chair
JELLY1: byby

Reading homework help


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