Reading homework help

You will be expected to read and formulate 150-300 words responses to one or more of the
Don’t summarize the readings!! Articulate your reactions and thoughts on the readings. They
should be written with the goal of showing your interpretation and understanding of the text. You
should refer to specific passages and quote them from the text, including page numbers.
(Quotations are not included in the word count.)
Add a title to your post – something creative that gives a hint of what
your posting focuses on .
Try to write on topics that encourage discussion. Opening a line of inquiry for further
discussion with your classmates
Displays careful, thoughtful reading that pays attention to the details of the text and/or integrates
ideas and demonstrates a strong grasp of the work and its effect. Presents well-founded ideas in
an articulate manner and refers to specific passages in the text. Shows original analysis that
challenges assumptions and goes beyond plot summary or rudimentary reactions to
characters or events.
1) Yu Miri – Tokyo Ueno Station
Additional resources:
‘Tokyo Ueno Station’ by Yū Miri (Review)


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