Reading homework help

Reading homework help.

This is a  Grant Proposal I wrote and got some feedback from the grader. I’m looking for a high writing skill tutor to help me revise this paper to the next level.
Please follow the feedback provided by the grade to revise it more accurately. Also, refer to my original paper version without any feedback.
I attached the format guideline and the rubric for you as references. Make sure to watch all of them.
What I need you to change:
1. There are 3 activities and 4 objectives in the paper. I need you only choose 1 activity and 1 objective and delete the rest.  The 1 activity and 1 objective must be related to each other and make sense. Focus on one activity and objective and give enough details.
2. In the Statement of Problem or Need, I need you to pay more attention to Santa Cruz, why the city needs to pay more attention to plastic pollution protection. I think you can find some specific information to prove and elaborate.
3 Add timeline refer to Katie’s example attached.
4. You can propose a small-scale activity that you know will benefit at least a small group of people. Check this out.
5. Write a more convincing rationale. For example, the link of your proposed project to freshwater conservation is not strong. You might want to either remove the focus on freshwater conservation or to better justify it. Make sure 1) there are no missing links in your arguments, and 2) all arguments are justified with facts or theory unless they are common knowledge.
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Reading homework help


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