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Students must conduct a detailed research paper on one of the following world religions: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism, Religions. Information in this paper can include, but is not limited to, details regarding the founders or key people of the religion, their progress and quest throughout history, their morals, visions, and teachings, their history, etc. Students are also able to compare and contrast their religion to one of the other world religions. Students must use at least 4 sources, which can include our textbook. You are not allowed to use any electronic (internet) information as a source.
Here is what you must include in the paper: good introduction and conclusion; good flow within the paper; length at least 5 pages (not including cover page and bibliography page); double-spaced; Times New Roman style with 12 inch font; one inch of space around the border of the paper (This syllabus is an example of the style, font, and one inch border). Unless you are quoting a section or passage, do not state “word for word” what your book states. Please paraphrase. You outside sources are needed. I do take off points for grammatical errors. Plagiarism is not accepted! Please write all papers in Microsoft Word.


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