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Below is a list of seven astronomy-related websites. For each of the seven websites, pick an article and write one short paragraph describing what you’ve learned. I don’t want you to copy and paste sentences from the articles or engage in plagiarism (that includes copying text and changing a few words). I want you to put in your own words what the article is about, as if you had a family member looking over your shoulder and you were explaining it to them. If you are not sure what to write, each link has a few questions beneath it to guide you.
For example let’s look at this article. A poor summary would just be grabbing a few sentences from the article and modifying a few words:
“Amy Thompson, in her article, states that Star link and Black Sky satellite are to be launched by Space X into orbit today July 8, 2020 Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 11: 59 am EDT (1559GMT). After tests by engineers and the halting of the launch back on June 26 following the engineers’ joined opinion, more pre-flight check out was important before the launch.”
A better summary would be explaining the whole point of the article in my own words:
“In Cape Canaveral, Florida, bad weather stopped SpaceX from launching a Falcon 9 rocket with a bunch of satellites on it. They were worried about lightning from thunderstorms. They will try again in a day when the weather looks better. This was supposed to launch in April but they didn’t because of coronavirus. I didn’t think a virus would stop a launch, but here we are.”
(Please do not copy any of this for your summary)
I tend to see the most plagiarism (and therefore points lost) for the night sky material. As another example, here is what you could write:
“This month the constellation Quarrion, my star sign, should be high in the sky at night. The constellation shape a cockatiel. I looked for the constellation last night and I think I saw the bright stars but I couldn’t see the other stars due to light pollution. The planet Thea is supposed to be visible before sunrise, but I am not awake at that hour. The planet Arrakis is visible after sunset, and I totally irritated my friends by pointing it out last night (j/k they thought it was sick).”
(These things doesn’t exist so don’t use any of this)
Please submit this using the link below by Jul 19. You are welcome to submit it sooner.

  1. Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity”

    The Curiosity rover is the most advanced robot to explore another planet. Check out the “What’s new?” section for the latest news about Mars.

    • What did you read about? (weather, terrain, minerals, water)? What do you think about it? (makes sense, unexpected, don’t believe it, want to learn more)
  2. Cassini spacecraft or Juno spacecraft
Cassini(mission over)
    The Cassini spacecraft was in orbit around Saturn, studying the gas giant and its moons and rings. Check out the “News” section for the latest discoveries, or look through the images and videos for some amazing sights.
Juno (mission active)
    The Juno spacecraft is in orbit around Jupiter, studying the gas giant and its moons. Recent articles will be featured on the main page, but you can also look at the “Media Gallery”.

    • What did you read about? (clouds and storms, moons, rings)? What do you think about it (makes sense, unexpected, don’t believe it, want to learn more)?
  3. Hubble Space Telescope

    Hubble is an amazing window into the universe. Check out the “Newscenter” for the latest stories about space or just look through the gallery for a picture that catches your attention.

    • What did you read about? (constellation, planet, star, nebula, galaxy)? What do you think about it? (makes sense, unexpected, don’t believe it, want to learn more)
  4. Astronomy Picture of the Day

    APOD has a different and interesting astronomy-related picture every day. Text and links beneath the image provide additional information about the picture.

    • What did you read about? (constellation, planet, star, nebula, galaxy)? What do you think about it? (makes sense, unexpected, don’t believe it, want to learn more)
  5. General News
    These are good news sites covering a range of space-related topics. Look at the top headlines or scroll down the page to see the latest articles, and pick something that catches your attention.
(or check out their reference articles)

    • What did you read about? (event, object, mission, research result)? Why did you pick that article? (already interested, neat pictures, remembered it from class)? What do you think about it? (makes sense, unexpected, don’t believe it, want to learn more)
  6. Night sky this week
    The night sky is a beautiful sight. Visit one of the following links to learn what you can see this week:
    Sky and Telescope(Put your mouse over “Observing and select “This Week’s Sky at a Glance”)
    EarthSky (Put your mouse over “Tonight” and pick each of the options listed)
    Astronomy Magazine (Put your mouse over “News&Observing” and select “The Sky This Week”)

    • What planets will be above the horizon this week? Will you see them early in the night or late? What phases will the Moon be this week? When will it be visible?Any meteor showers or eclipses? Let me know if you saw any of these when you looked at the night sky
      Students tend to lose the most points on this part because they plagiarize these websites. Please simplify and put it in your own words, as if you were telling a friend or a relative about what is in the sky this week.
  7. Zooniverse

    Help scientists from your own home. Look through the projects you can volunteer for, pick out one you like, and tell me about it.It doesn’t have to be astronomy-related, choose a project that really catches your attention.

    • What is the project looking for (finding craters on something, finding planets around another star, )? Why did you pick that project (galaxy pictures are pretty, exoplanets are interesting, you like Mars the best)?



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