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Theory Application 1

  • To ensure greater preparedness, crystalize your thinking, and learn how to apply communication theory to a “real-life” setting, students will write Theory Application papers (Theory applications) for the weekly readings. The papers should be 3 to 3.5 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in 12-point font, they should have a title page and references list (title page and references do not count towards the page count, APA formatted).
  • Theory Application papers should focus on key aspects of the readings, and could do any of the following: critically analyze the central ideas and arguments advanced in one or more of the readings and your chosen media(an episode of your favorite tv show/ a movie/ etc.), discuss commonalities, compare and contrast ideas, evaluate the assumptions or theories present in the readings, argue against the claims made in a reading, or make a point about the relationship between ideas in that reading and the chosen media.
  • These papers are evaluated based on the extent to which points are raised and developed. Students should try to avoid (a) providing summaries of the readings, and (b) attempting to raise and adequately address too many points. Rather, students should focus on key arguments, and spend more time developing these arguments.

Theory Application: Expectancy Violation Theory. Ross and Rachel
Theory Application: URT in Animations


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