Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.

The reading journal is simply a synopsis of ONE of these articles.  DO NOT wait until the last moment to pick up the articles.  The material can be a little difficult and you will probably need to rad through it more than once.  The journals will be typed, double-spaced, 12-font papers detailing what the article was about, and MUST include your own personal thoughts and ideas on the topic (agreements, disagreements, likes, dislikes, other thoughts, etc.)  The paper needs to be 4 full pages.  This is a one-time assignment and there is no need for outside research (simply use the article provided).
Due: midnight, Saturday, May 23.   Do not email your paper to me, submit it through Blackboard.  After you submit your paper, check your email daily; if there is a problem with the paper, I’ll email you using your UIW email address.  I usually grade your papers with 24 hours of submission.
You have a choice of two articles, “Getting the Horrors” by Cupitt or “Legacy” by Chittester.  Copies of these articles can be found in the link that contains the Course Outline.  They can be a little challenging to read; so, please download them and start reading them now.
Since this assignment is due week 3, you will submit this paper in the week 3 folder in assessments.
Please remember that no more than 15% of your paper can be direct quotes.
This paper is also called an Engaged Response Paper where students demonstrate knowledge of the article they read and clearly reflect on that article.   Each paragraph should be 5 – 7 sentences and contain a topic sentence, supporting evidence, and a conclusion.  There are two parts to this type of paper, the summary and the reflection, and each contains specific details.
1. Introduce the setting/ context of the piece (title and author)
2. Identify the major points made by the author, along with supporting evidence such as where it was found
3. The is a factual summary of the article
Reflections/ Response:
1. Contains a topic sentence that lets the reader know that this material is your opinion
2. Which ideas most resonated with you, and why?
3. How might your own life experience connect with some of these ideas?
4. How does this material interact with other ideas you have encountered in your classes or readings?
5. How might you use this material in the future?
I attached a copy of the article and the rubric.
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Social Science homework help


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