Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.



So far, for your course project, you have identified a problem and analyzed data to better understand that problem. Now the question is: what should be done? This is the decision-making part of data analytics.


Working independently (that is, without your group members), propose three to five recommendations based on what you have found. Your recommendations should be clearly identified, and you must provide a rationale for each recommendation.
Include the following sections in this assignment:

  • Identification of the Problem:
    • Summarize the problem in no more than one paragraph.
  • Summary of Data Analysis:
    • Summarize the quantitative analysis (what was done and the findings) in one paragraph. (No tables or charts should be presented here.)
    • Summarize the qualitative analysis in one paragraph.
  • Recommendations:
    • Clearly identify each recommendation.
    • Provide a rationale for each recommendation.

This assignment should be 3–5 pages long. It should be well organized and free of mechanical errors (errors in grammar, punctuation, and APA format).
Examine the assignment scoring guide to be sure you have addressed all of the evaluation criteria.

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Social Science homework help


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