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The factors and forces that affect quality of life in the place you live may be woven into your lifestyle or culture to such a degree that they seem universal. For example, perhaps everyone in the place you live drives to work and everyone endures the same traffic congestion. Or, maybe you have lived your entire life in the same political and economic system. Perhaps you were surprised to learn that in other cities around the world, people with different income levels do not always settle in the same areas. In this week’s Discussion, you will compare the perception of quality of life in your own city to that of a different world city as related to a specific quality-of-life issue.
To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Read the articles listed in your Learning Resources.
  • Read the resources you chose using the guidelines provided in the “Student Contributed Resource Worksheet” document, located in this week’s Resources area. Use it as a reference in your initial post.
  • View the media piece Cities and Globalization.
  • Select a world city other than the city in which you live.

For this Discussion, your Instructor will either assign groups to threads or direct you to choose one thread from the choices listed this week.
If you are directed to choose a thread on your own, follow these instructions: Each thread is limited to a maximum number of students, based on class size. A thread will close if the limit is reached. If a thread is closed to new posters, select from the open threads. You will post both your initial post and your response post in the same thread.

By Day 3

Post a 250-word response in which you compare the perception of quality of life in your own city to that of your selected city as related to the issue of your thread:

  • Thread 1: Housing


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