Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Drafting Your Abstract
Your Topic Area:      _______________________________________
DRAFTING THE ABSTRACT – Draft the abstract of your final paper. Remember to meet the limits of 150-250 words in the final version of the abstract.  You may handwrite or type your draft in the spaces provided, or you may word process, and attach your abstract. This is a draft. You will revisit it when you have completed your final paper, and revise it as needed, based on your final product.
Part 1 –           State the healthcare issue/topic & problem
                        This should be based on your problem statement, but revised for brevity:
Part 2 –           Explain the methods/procedures/approaches
Outline the perspectives of inquiry in your preferred order.  If appropriate, discuss
the research process you used, and/or the key research sources you employed:
Part 3 –           Reveal your results and findings (understandings from inquiry papers)
Briefly describe the key take-aways or major/main points from each of the inquiry sections:
Part 4 –           Disclose/expose your concluding solution
                        Avoid the details, but divulge the solution you will propose in the concluding section:

Sociology homework help


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