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Based on the readings and videos, how do you think that the U.S. religious landscape has been changing?  What do you see as the potential sources of these changes, and what might you predict for the future?
In your response, please refer specifically to at least three of the Learning Resources, citing them in the text and also listing the Learning Resources you have used as references at the end of your post, using APA citation style.
Learning Resources
WATCH 2 short videos:
TEDx. (2013, Jan. 31). Brian J. Grim – Sociology, global religion and religious freedom. Retrieved from
Pew Research Center. (2015, November 3). How the U.S. public became less religious. Retrieved from
Cox, D., & Jones, R. (2017, Sept. 6). America’s changing religious identity. Public Religion Research Institute. Retrieved from
Lipka, M., & Gecewicz, C. (2017, Sept. 6). More Americans now say they’re spiritual but not religious. Retrieved from
Lipka, M., & B. Wormald. (2016, Feb. 29). How religious is your state? Retrieved from
Cooper, B., D. Cox, R. Lienesch, & R. P. Jones. (2016, Sept. 22).  Exodus: Why Americans are leaving religion – and why they’re unlikely to come back. PPRI.
Pew Research Center. (2015, May 12). America’s Changing Religious Landscape.


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