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Discussion 2: Family Theory
Murray Bowen is one of the most respected family theorists in the field of family therapy. Bowen views the family unit as complex and believes it is important to understand the interactions among the members in order to solve problems. Satir and Minuchin also advanced family therapy with their concepts and models. As a clinical social worker, using these models (along with having an ecological perspective) can be very effective in helping clients.
For this Discussion, review the “Petrakis Family” case history and video session.
Provide a 300-word Discussion Post containing the following topics, headings, and content:
–  Using two concepts of Bowen’s family theory – discussion and analysis of the events that occurred after Alec moved in with his grandmother up until Helen went to the hospital.
– If you used the concepts of structural family therapy, how would your analysis of the situation be different?
– Which family theory did you find to be most helpful in your analysis?
– Finally, indicate whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s model is the more strength-based model and Why?
Use the following resources for references and citations. Must contain at least 3 references and citations.
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