Sociology homework help

Ideas to mention in the letter:

  1. Depressed and stress
  2. Financial issues
  3. Not able to attend school due to the lifestyle their not safe.
  4. No job
  5. Dreaming a lot about her husband and same with the husband
  6. Hard on contacting using the internet and calls from US to Iraq
  7. Unable to send money to help the wife with living
  8. Its been 13 months not seeing the wife and more the the process time to hear from the immigration about the approval step.
  9. Hospital and medical wise are not available
  10. Iraq news can tell how hard the people are living and going through things
  11. Husband (can’t focus on job or school)

* This emotional letter is explaining the above ideas from the Husband to the immigration about the Wife thats in Iraq. The Husband is in US writing the letter and the Wife is in Iraq. Please i mentioned few things that you can talk about and please add from you in the writing and use very emotional words so that the immigration can consider the letter and the Husband looking for the approval.


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