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Note  Assignments for either option should include: a 3- 4 page double-spaced paper. And a minimum of  5 sources listed in a reference list at the end of the paper that are cited as in-text citations to support relevant statements in your text. Sources presented in the class and external sources that meet the CUE criteria are acceptable.
Option 1: The Internet and the Individual as a Part of Social Change-  SUBMIT a 4 page double spaced Word Document. See the Instructions that follow”
In this assignment, you will consider the ways in which the Internet can affect personal action to address social issues to bring about social change.
E-participation can be understood as a dimension of a broader social and political transformation process stemming from rapid social change in a postmodern/post-industrial and globalized society. Social movements are now experimenting with more individualized mobilizations and a wide set of multifaceted identities/belongings.
You will examine a local or international entity that uses the Internet to create social communities and empower them to generate change in social/political spheres.
Choose a local, regional, or international political or social change organization that uses the Internet to make individuals believe that they can be part of social change. Analyze this organization, its structure, its history, and the ways in which it uses the Internet to create e-communities. Evaluate the work this organization does in light of both postmodern theory and the social forces that maintain the social problems the organization strives to combat.
Reference: DiMaggio, P., Hargittai, E., Neuman, W. R., & Robinson, J. P. (2001). Social implications of the Internet. Annual Review of Sociology, 27, 307. Retrieved from


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