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2 pages for question 1

  1. 1 – Persons of Hispanic and Latino origins have had a curious relationship with America throughout history.

In Hispanic locales such as Texas and California during the early- and mid-1800s, Hispanics invited foreign American explorers to stay and settle amidst their culture with the expectations that the American would adapt their language, religion, and customs. This relationship would soon change as the US began to act like the uninvited friends of a party guest, ignore rules, and overrun these territories. Ultimately, America “crashed” and over-populating these Mexican-held territories in California and the Southwest to the point that the US declared war on Mexico in 1848. The 1850 outcome of the Mexican-American War provided that the northern half of Mexico was treated to America.
The USA would then invite Latinos to settle in the US during the 1900s with the same requisites: learn the language and adopt American customs. Latinos migrated in masse during various periods of the early 1900’s to toil and labor on behalf of the interests of the US economy – when the economy was good. When the economy turned downward, as in the Great Depression, Latinos were often the first populations to be let go from their job, discriminated against, and in numerous cases, forcibly deported back to their home countries.
Based on the Week 3 materials, what has/hasn’t changed for Latinos in the US?  What are some of the similar struggles Latinos continue to face in America in the present-day? Make the connection between the past and present in your answer.
2 pages for question 2

  1. 2 – Immigration patterns of the last 50 years have shown a geographical shift to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa. Much of this immigration has been what is categorized as refugees due to the civil wars and terrorist actions.  Watch the web video Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies a People, and use the concept of controlling images to discuss how some immigrant groups have been presented in U.S. media, film, and video games.  Provide examples.

4 pages total
Course Textbook Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America (REV), 1st Edition By: Takaki,Ronald
ISBN: 978-0-316-02236-1


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