Sociology homework help

Required Readings

Atlas, R. I. (2003). How are criminals using CPTED? SecurityManagement47(5), 148–146.

Hoffmann, J. P. (2010). A life-course perspective on stress,delinquency, and young adult crime. American Journal ofCriminal Justice35(3), 105–120.

Menard, S., & Morris, R. G. (2012). Integrated theory andcrimes of trust. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 28(2),365–387.

Wilcox, P., Quisenberry, N., Cabrera, D. T., & Jones, S.(2004). Busy places and broken windows? Toward defining the role of physical structure and process in community crimemodels. Sociological Quarterly, 45(2), 185–207.

Silver, E., & Miller, L. L. (2004). Sources of informal social control in Chicago neighborhoods. Criminology42(3), 551

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2014d). Sociological theories of criminal behavior I [Video file]. Retrieved from
Dr. Charis Kubrin discusses sociological theories of crime. Think about the different sociological theories she presents and how these theories are explained.
Note:  The approximate length of this media piece is 6 minutes.
Accessible player –Downloads–Download Video w/CCDownload AudioDownload Transcript

Discussion: Sociological Theories

The sociological approach examines underlying social conditions that may influence criminal behavior by focusing on how social structure and processes contribute to crime. Two of the basic sociological theories are consensus theory and life course criminology. Consensus theory asserts that criminal laws and their enforcement reflect the values and concerns of the majority of people in a society. Life course criminology focuses on life trajectories or paths that may lead to lifelong or repeat criminal behavior. There are many other theories associated with the sociological approach to understanding and explaining criminal behavior; however, some theories might be more applicable than others.

By Day 3

Post an analysis of the strengths and limitations of at least two sociological theories as an explanation for criminal behavior. Then, briefly describe the sociological theory that you think best explains criminal behavior and explain why, using specific examples from the resources or the literature in your research.

Note: Put the sociological theory you described in the first line of your post. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who described a different theory than you did.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.


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