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The best way to learn statistics is to do statistics. At one point, most of us have needed to purchase a vehicle. At the very least, it’s fun to look at them! Go to the Kelley Blue Book website or any other vehicle website and choose 10 different vehicles. These can be ones you would consider buying or even your total dream car. Record the following information in a blank Excel file.
Save your Excel, for future discussions, and then upload the Excel as an attachment in your intro. discussion for review.
Vehicle type/class       Year Make Model Price   MPG (city)       MPG (highway)
SUV   2018       Subaru          Forester          $22,795      23 29
Explain the type(s) of vehicles you chose and provide a brief rationale for your choice. For each column category, state whether the variable is qualitative or quantitative. Last, add a new column with a variable of your choice and state whether it is qualitative or quantitative. You might consider engine size, number of cylinders, vehicle weight, or drive type.
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