Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Telecommunications Engineering homework help. Security Assessment Assignment
Using what you have learned in the first five chapters of Effective Physical Security, conduct an informal assessment of security at your place of residence or place of work.
1. Start with an introduction describing the place
2. Then write several paragraphs explaining the security design for each of the following areas:
external design, points of entry, and internal security
3. For each area, explain the security measures and/or vulnerability of at least four topics. These are suggested topics, so please address specific needs for your place, including your own topics as needed.
4. Conclude with 1-2 paragraphs detailing recommendations on how to improve security for your place.
Security Areas
External Design Topics:
Assessment will be different for a one-unit structure vs. a multi-unit structure. Consider how the design and message sent by the public and private spaces around your unit and for the neighborhood generally. 
· Signage
· Landscaping, Fencing, Parking
· Use of territoriality and natural surveillance
· Vehicle and pedestrian travel
· Public access
· Lighting at night
· Overall appearance/maintenance
Points of Entry Topics:
Consider whether these are strong, resistant to forcing or compromising and whether they are adequate to allow occupants to escape in case of an emergency like a fire.
· Door locks, surveillance of doors/entry, access to keys
· Window position, locks, security if they are open for ventilation
· Alarm system
· Access from garage
Interior Security and Preparation Topics:
In this section, consider not only the physical design but the behavior of the people. Do they use security measures and do they know what to do in case of an emergency?
· Interior lighting (if applicable)
· Location and extra security measures for physical valuables
· Location and extra security measures for sensitive, confidential information
· Insurance policies
· Smoke alarms and other safety alarms in working order
· Plans for exit in case of an emergency
· Access to phone or other communications in case of emergency (such as in case of intruder)

Telecommunications Engineering homework help


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