World history homework help

World history homework help.

Write a 1-page, 12-point type, double spaced essay.
If you need to go over a page that’s okay, but it should not be less than a page.
You will probably need the textbook and lecture notes, but you will also need outside resources. Don’t use something popular like Wikipedia—use an academic source.
Cite everything, even material you paraphrase.
Use the list below to pair a work from the textbook, and one (or more) works from the collection of SFMOMA. Although they are closed, you can search for images of these for your paper.
Take one or more paintings that we have studied so far in the semester. Then search the SFMOMA site for two other paintings that you want to pair with the work you picked from the textbook/lecture.
Write a little something about each (as if you were being asked to write a wall label to give information to museum/gallery goers). Then in the second part explain your overriding curatorial mission—in other words why did you group these works? Don’t take the easy way out (grouping by color palette or anything obvious). Think outside the box/cube and write an outstanding proposal for your vision as a curator.
Choose from the following:
1.  SFMOMA:        Cindy Sherman                      Untitled Film Still #7, 1978
Untitled Film Still #13, 1978
Compare/contrast with SFMOMA & textbook
Carrie Mae Weems     any of the Kitchen Table Series 1990
2. SFMOMA  Jean Michel Basquiat   Untitled (Venus/The Great Circle) 1983
Compare/contrast SFMOMA
Jackson Pollock              Guardians of the Secret, 1943
Some art work that we learned:Jasper Johns entitled Three Flags, Roy Lichtenstein’s Hopeless, and Andy Warhol’s Green Coca Cola Bottles.

World history homework help


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